Phu Quoc Restaurant And Bar Guide

Dried fish is a speciality of markets and restaurants
Dried fish is a speciality of markets and restaurants

Phu Quoc Island is known to all Vietnamese, but not for its beautiful beaches. Its fame stems from producing the best nuoc mam (fish sauce) in the entire country, and domestic visitors rarely leave without a case of the stuff under their arm. There is even a fish sauce factory in Duong Dong where visitors can savour the aroma (or overpowering stench, depending on your perspective) of this quintessential ingredient of Vietnamese cuisine.

While you may not go crazy about the fish sauce, its subtle aroma adds flavouring to most meals you eat, and there are plenty of options for dining on Phu Quoc. All resorts have restaurants at which they hope guests will eat, but it’s really only those on Ong Lang Beach that have a captive audience. Part of the fun of staying on Long Beach is that you can try out a different eatery each evening.

Recommended Phu Quoc Restaurants

Gop Gio: Set back behind Long Beach, this no-frills place serves up a wide range of Vietnamese dishes at cheap prices and with consistent quality.

Pepper Tree: Got a birthday or anniversary to celebrate? Here’s the place to splurge – on a colonial-style balcony with starched tablecloths and a refined atmosphere. Great seafood, such as smked salmon and lobster, as well as a good wine list.

Pepper’s Pizza & Grill: On the road from Long Beach into town, this place serves up some of the best pizzas on the island, as well as ribs and steaks.

Palm Tree Restaurant: Located right in the middle of Long Beach with fantastic views all round, this open-sided shelter is the epitome of a tropical island haven. Wiggle your toes in the sand, feast on grilled seafood or banana pancakes and down ice-cold beer for a few bucks.

Le Bistrot: This French-run place is situated near some of the top resorts on Long Beach and has a lively atmosphere. They serve dishes like Australian beef and home-made lasagna, and there’s good music and a pool table too.

Also don’t miss the Night Market on Vo Thi Sau near the lighthouse, where several stalls serve up a range of cheap and tasty dishes. Being a beach resort, seafood is in great demand, and if you stroll along Long Beach you should find some appealing fish or lobster on ice waiting for the barbecue.

Recommended Phu Quoc Bars and Nightlife Venues

Rainbow Bar: Welcoming beach bar operated by Rainbow Divers, with burgers and sandwiches, beers and good music after dark. In front of Thanh Kieu Resort.

Eden Malibu Beach Bar: This atmospheric red-lit Phu Chuc bar on Long Beach has pretty trables right on the sand and is a great place for relaxing with a few early evening beers. Plus with the large inside dance floor there’s plenty to entertain until the early hours.