Nha Trang Restaurant And Bars Guide

Nha Trang is becoming a culinary centre of Vietnam
Nha Trang is becoming a culinary centre of Vietnam

Since Nha Trang is a coastal town, you won’t be surprised to hear that the dining speciality is seafood, and several restaurants have nothing else on their menu. However, some restaurant owners go to the opposite extreme and their menus offer everything from Vietnamese to Italian to Indian to Mexican cuisine in order to please their customers.

Needless to say, most restaurants near the beach are geared towards tourists, and while some of them serve up delicious grub, they tend to be a bit more pricey than places in the backstreets. As with accommodation, the area around Biet Thu is a happy hunting ground, whether you’re looking for Vietnamese, French or Indian cuisine.

Recommended Nha Trang Restaurants

Truc Linh: A hugely successful outfit with four outlets at the last count. The menu features an impressive array of Vietnamese and international dishes, with seafood displayed out front to tempt passers-by.

Ngoc Suong: Since dining in Nha Trang is all about seafood, why not go for the best? This is part of a nationwide chain that has become hugely popular with Vietnamese for its superbly prepared seafood dishes. There’s also a jazz/classical ensemble serenading diners most nights.

La Canh: This favourite of meat and seafood lovers features small barbecues cooked right on customers’ tables. Situated to the north of town past the Alexandre Yersin museum.

Nha Trang Bakery (International): This Nha Trang cafe and tea room offers sweet and savoury pasteries which are perfect for long bus rides. Plus there breakfast selection is second-to-none and starts before dawn.

Rainbow Bar: Proper travellers’ cafe with Western staples including burgers and sandwiches plus friendly staff. The breakfasts are hearty enough to sustain customers at the attached divers shop all day.