Mekong Delta Restaurants And Bars Guide

Everyone lets their hair down at night here!
Everyone lets their hair down at night here!

Apart from a few large restaurants that cater to tourist buses, as well as some sophisticated dining options in Can Tho, eating in the Delta is a matter of following the locals. This is no great hardship, however, as the national obsession with food guarantees that you’ll sample an astounding variety of dishes even if you never learn their names.

Of course, ordering food can be a problem with no local language skills, so it’s worth considering hiring a car and English-speaking driver to take you round the Delta. In this way he can not only transport you, but also find places to eat that won’t make you turn your nose up.

Mekong Delta Restaurants in Can Tho

Mekong: This simple and welcoming place is often packed out with delighted Westerners scanning page after page of the extensive menu. A combination of great preparation and competitive pricing guarantees that customers come back for more.

Nam Bo Restaurant: One of the most elegant eateries along the riverfront, with some tempting salads and desserts, as well as a prime people-watching balcony upstairs for those that get here early.

Sao Hom: Located in the former market overlooking the river, this classy spot features an inventive menu of Vietnamese standards and exotoc dishes such as pumpkin flowers with garlic. 

Spices: Even if you don’t stay at the swanky Victoria Resort, it’s worth a visit to sample the delicacies on offer at this stylish inside/outside restaurant. The menu is regularly updated with the chef’s latest discoveries.

Mekong Delta Restaurants in My Tho

Mekong Rest Stop: The well-landscaped gardens and spotless rest rooms are a good indication of the care taken at this large restaurant aimed at tour groups. Don’t miss the Mekong special – elephant’s ear fish.

Mekong Delta Restaurants in Chau Doc

Bay Bong: It may not look much, but the clay pot and fish dishes served up here are a cut above the rest so it’s well worth tracking down for a memorable dining experience.

Mekong Delta Bars and Nightlife

Since few towns cater to tourists in the Delta, there is not much in the way of bars or nightlife, as the character of the area is really rural. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult to find somewhere to get a beer, tea or coffee, and keep your eyes open for the words ‘Bia Hoi’ on a shop sign, which indicates that the establishment serves locally brewed, mild beer for just a few thousand dong per glass.