Vietnam Shopping - Shopper's Guide

When potential visitors plan a journey to Vietnam, their minds are usually full of the exotic places they will see and people they will meet. Not many people go there for the shopping, but once they arrive and see the goods on sale and the unbelievably cheap prices, many of them change their focus, and grab any opportunity to snap up a souvenir.

Handicrafts of all types make great souvenirs and reveal much about the culture. Some of the most beautiful, cheapest and lightest mementoes are pieces of laquerware, in the form of bowls, boxes and trays, often inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Ceramics are a bit heavier to carry, but a delicately decorated vase is a treasure to prize for a lifetime.



There are brilliant value crafts which visitors can buy in Vietnam from conical hats traditionally worn in farming communities to oriental print designs and performance puppets...more


Vietnam is famous for the best possible quality silk and many tourists choose to pick up some lovely garments such as ao dai and suits or perhaps some raw material to take home...more

Art & Antiques

The Vietnamese are fanatical about art from traditional paintings depicting religious scenes to Soviet-inspired posters pronouncing the merits of hard work to aid the state...more

Clothing & Suits

Vietnamese tailors are famous all around the world for their skill and so it makes sense to have some suits and shirts made up using fabulous materials for a fraction of Western prices...more

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Shopping in Vietnam - Haven of Collectables

One of the most popular items is tailored clothes made of Vietnamese fabrics – either cotton or silk – that feature striking designs and excellent workmanship. Almost as popular are works of contemporary art; the Vietnamese all seem to have an artistic flair and produce impressive canvases portraying original subjects or reproductions of classic images.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many visitors want to take away some war relic to show their friends they have been near the battle zones. Unfortunately, they forget the war ended a long time ago and any significant war remnants have been put in museums or sold privately. However, where there’s a demand, a supply will follow, and some Vietnamese make a good living from selling fake Zippo lighters and ‘dog tags’, or identification chains of soldiers.

Inevitably, the best place to shop is in the country’s two big cities – Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, though for certain items, such silk and embroidered panels, you’d be better off in Hoi An and ethnic minority villages respectively. If your purchases are too big for your bag, send a package to your home by registered post or courier before you leave.

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