Phu Quoc Travel And Tourist Guide

If you take a good look at the location of Phu Quoc Island on any map, it seems as if logically it should belong to Cambodia, of which the mainland is just 15kms away. By contrast, the Vietnamese coast at Ha Tien is 45km away, but logic counts for little in this part of the world and Phu Quoc Island was granted to Vietnam by the kindly French in a treaty of 1949.

During the last couple of decades, the island has become gradually more popular among tourists. The development of new resorts and restaurants, particularly on the aptly-named Long Beach, has put the place on the map for anyone seeking a laid-back tropical island on which to kick back for a few days.


Attractions & Activities

Sign up for a dive or snorkelling trip, lounge around on the soft white sand beach or explore the island on a motorbike and discover a wide range of plant and animal life...more


Treat yourself to some colonial splendour in a period mansion or rough it in a beachside shack near the backpacker bars and nightlife for only a few dollars a day...more

Restaurants & Bars

Enjoy a tasty snack of grilled fish on the sand or sit down at a immaculately-prepared dining table with full silver service for a true gourmet delight of Vietnamese fusion cuisine...more


Getting to Phu Quoc is easy with direct flights from nearby Ho Chi Minh City, but those arriving from elsewhere must endure a long bus or train journey to reach the island...more

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Phu Quoc Island Guide - the Beauty of Phuket Minus the Crowds

Topographically, Phu Quoc has nothing in common with the flatlands of the Delta. Its rugged interior is quite mountainous and its shores are blessed with soft-sand beaches and leaning palms.

There is only one town of any size – Duong Dong in the middle of the west coast, and a couple of fishing villages on the east coast and southern tip of the island.

In fact, with its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City (just an hour’s flight away), it now rivals both Nha Trang and Mui Ne as a beach getaway for visitors to Vietnam. The island is particularly popular among divers, and the tiny An Thoi Islands off the south coast of Phu Quoc are claimed to be one of Vietnam’s top dive sites. A strong Vietnamese military presence is kept on the north side of the island in case the Cambodians should invade.

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