Nha Trang Travel And Tourist Guide

Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is unlike anywhere else in the country. Nobody comes here to learn about Vietnamese culture and history, unless it is to visit the atmospheric Po Nagar Cham Towers just north of town. What people do come here for is to party, and the city offers plenty of ways to do just that.

After dark Nha Trang comes into its own, with some great bars and clubs that keep cranking out drinks and music till dawn comes up over the ocean. Somehow the midnight curfew that is enforced so rigidly in Hanoi and Saigon is almost completely ignored here, so when you find the right place you can really let your hair down.


Attractions & Activities

Apart from swimming on the beach visitors to Nha Trang can visit ancient Cham towers, go look at the cathedral or wallow in a barrel of mud with theraputic properties...more


Rest up on a private island where every whim is catered for or find a bargain guesthouse in the backstreets which allows more money to be spent revelling in the bars...more


Seek out a seafood barbecue right on the sand or sample all types of international cuisine within the plush resort complexes where no expense is spared for the wealthy clientele...more

Nightlife & Bars

People come to Nha Trang to party in their droves and there are nightlife venues for all tastes here whether you want to relax with a cocktail or dance til dawn in beach bars on the sand...more


Getting around Nha Trang is easy by hiring bicycles or good old fashioned shoe leather, while there are open-tour buses and the famous Vietnamese railway for getting away again...more

Travel tips

Read our guide to the all essential information one must know before travelling to Vietnam including weather, visas, costs and much more so your time in the country will be hassle-free ...more

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Nha Trang Guide - Vietnam's Premier Party Beach Resort

Let’s start on the six-kilometre municipal beach, which is good for sunbathing, swimming and snacking. If you don’t see what you fancy in the vendors’ baskets that pass you, there’s a line of restaurants and cafes just a few steps from the sand.

When relaxing on the beach gets boring, sign up for a boat trip to the nearby islands and spend a day exploring nearby beaches, snorkelling and having fun with lots of other party animals. Be warned though, that Nha Trang gets its own monsoon season from November to December, when being on the beach is no fun at all.

Nha Trang has its own backpacker ghetto, which radiates out from Bui Tien, south of the city centre. This is the place to find great deals on accommodation as well as restaurants selling every type of cuisine and bars mixing cocktails you’ve never heard of before.

Sleeping and eating is slightly cheaper in Nha Trang than anywhere else in the country, a fact that encourages many to extend their stay by a few days. Favourite places change all the time, but by strolling round the Biet Thu district around midnight, you are bound to stumble on somewhere with a happening scene.

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