Mekong Delta Tourist And Travel Guide

The moment you enter the Mekong Delta, it’s evident that this is the real Vietnam, not somewhere tarted up for tourists. There are no world-famous attractions, which is perhaps why few people ever venture here, and most of those that do come on a day trip.

Yet there are over a dozen towns worthy of exploration, with Can Tho being the biggest (with reliable lodging and eating options), as well as endless vistas of rice paddies and fruit orchards, and hundreds of different types of boats plying the maze of waterways that slice through the picturesque region.


Attractions & Activities

Visit a floating market, fish farms or stork sanctuaries that are scattered round the region plus tour the waterways from traditional wooden junk boats like yesteryear...more


Settle in to one of Can Tho’s smart riverside hotels or fix up a home-stay in the countryside which provides a true taste of rustic rural charm and traditional village life...more

Restaurants & Bars

Partake of the delta’s plenty from a simple roadside barbecue stall or sign up for a buffet dinner cruise on the mighty Mekong with high class service and all the trimmings...more


Rent a motorbike or car with driver and ride the hulking ferries that connect main towns all along the delta region, or join a guided tour for a relaxing cruise amid the dramatic scenery...more

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Mekong Delta Guide - Vietnam's Natural Playground

Rather than rush in and out of this lush and entrancing region on a day tour, which allows time for nothing more than a quick look at a floating market in the midday sun, it’s better to dedicate several days or a week to discovering its special character.

The sights of the delta that stick in the memory are the simple things – buckets of fish and crabs in the markets, farmers in conical hats planting crops, schoolgirls in white ao dai cycling along country lanes, kids riding on the backs of water buffalo, freshly-made incense sticks fanned out at the roadside to dry and saffron-clad monks mindfully sweeping a temple compound.

Tour operators in Saigon can arrange home-stays in certain parts of the delta, where you get to stay in a local family’s house for one or more nights, eating with them and learning about local culture. Savvy travellers snake their way round the delta, exploring little-visited towns like Ta Vinh and Ca Mau before hopping over to Phu Quoc to snorkle or simply rest up on the beach.

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