Hanoi Tourist And Travel Guide

With a history spanning over 1,000 years, Hanoi is both quintessentially Vietnamese and one of Asia’s most endearing cities. From its bustling Old Quarter, a concentrated area of endless interest, to the calming lakes and parks and austere monuments to its heroes, the city envelops the visitor in its own history. All visitors need to do is open all their senses and prepare for an onslaught.

Though the city’s inhabitants experienced untold deprivations after 1975 due to the stagnant economy, it was perhaps a blessing in disguise. By the time Hanoi was in a position to begin a long overdue process of modernization in the 1990s, it had the benefit of seeing some of the negative consequences of uncontrolled development in other Asian cities. Thus while the city has its share of monolithic, modern blocks, it also has more style than just about anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

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Pay your respects to Uncle Ho at his mausoleum and immerse yourself in the chaos of the Old Quarter where the narrow streets are a haven of shops and great restaurants...more


Start the day with a little t’ai chi beside Hoan Kiem Lake, then go shopping in the Old Quarter where souvenirs abound including conical hats which cost less than a dollar...more


Seek out one of the city’s cute boutique hotels or settle for one of the many budget options aimed at backpackers who want to get the most from every penny they spend...more

Restaurants & Bars

Savour some of the finest Vietnamese cuisine in a sophisticated restaurant or find comfort food to remind you of home in some of the expat-run eateries with international menus...more


Getting to and from Hanoi is easy with a busy international airport plus comprehensive train and bus services to every part of the country and beyond to neighbouring nations...more


Guide to shopping in Vietnam including what to buy, where to find it and how to make sure you pay a fair price when bargaining in the malls or markets of fabulous Hanoi city...more

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Brief Guide to Hanoi - Vietnam's Ancient Capital

The influence of the French colonial era is still evident, not only in the cafes and baguette sellers everywhere, but also in the grandiose architecture of buildings like the Opera House, just one of the city’s many sights.

Other places that help to tell the city’s story are the Temple of Literature, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Army Museum. These are all generally located within Hanoi's Old Quarter which is where a good proportion of the city's budget and boutique accommodation is also found.

Don’t miss one of the city’s unique experiences  – a performance of water puppets that is sure to entertain young and old alike. And don’t miss the chance to sample some of the country’s tastiest dishes served up in a sophisticated ambience at restaurants that develop a strong local following. The city sleeps soon after midnight, but there are always a few bars that keep a door ajar for insomniacs that don't fancy turning in so early.

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