Ha Long Bay Travel And Tourist Guide

Ha Long Bay is top of the list of places to see for many visitors to Vietnam, and this is hardly surprising. Like Guilin in China and Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, it is a region of limestone pinnacles that jut out of tranquil waters, creating a surreal landscape that is photogenic in every mood.

Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, the bay covers an enormous area of over 1,500 square kilometres and stretches for about 120kms down the coast in what is known as the Gulf of Tonkin. Within this area are literally thousands of small islands that create a unique topography and constantly shifting views.


Attractions & Activities

Explore massive caves in the islands, swim in the bay’s clear waters or paddle a kayak round a lagoon with great activities for all ages plus a range of tours and excursions...more


Enjoy Vietnamese hospitality in Ha Long City, Cat Ba Island or on a luxurious junk in the bay kitted out with all mod cons but still possessing that authentic Vietnamese appeal...more

Restaurants & Bars

Feast on fresh seafood pulled straight out of the bay, savour the heavenly views and sip on an exotic cocktail or two in fantastic restaurants right on the shore that serve delicious local fare...more


Take a train or bus to get there, then choose from a wide range of boats to explore the bay including traditional wooden fishing vessels still decorated with painted eyes...more

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Ha Long Bay Guide - Vietnam's Karst Wonderland

Since Ha Long Bay is around 170kms from Hanoi, it is a bit too far to manage comfortably in a day trip. Though some tour companies offer such a day out, it is a bit too rushed to be able to appreciate the majestic views properly.

Indeed, the best views often come in the early morning and evening when the low light exaggerates the strange shape of the dramatic karst outcrops.

Many visitors to Ha Long Bay base themselves on the coast at either Ha Long City or Cat Ba Island and head out in the morning in a boat for a day of touring the islands. A more romantic alternative is to spend a night on a boat in the bay, enjoying the shifting light of sunset and sunrise.

Though most people are content to take photos of the fabulous scenery from the boat in Ha Long Bay, trips allow visitors to explore vast caves, clamber to the peak of an outcrop to admire the panorama, and in csome cases explore hidden lagoons by kayak.

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