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Vietnam has grown from a backpacker stalwart to an international tourist hotspot which welcomes moneyed visitors from all over the globe. And with the beauty of the Ha Long Bay, poignant reminders of American War atrocities at various museums and spectacular natural wonders of the Mekong Delta, memorable Vietnam pictures are plentiful.

Vietnam is a fascinating country with lots of things to capture on camera, be it water puppet shows in Hanoi, French colonial architecture in Saigon or hilltribes around Sa Pa. We’ve keenly put together a varied selection of Vietnam pictures which shows off the nation in all its embattled glory. Must-see attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum contrast with fun activities such as kitesurfing at Mui Ne.

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Notes on Taking Pictures in Vietnam

This remarkable Southeast Asian nation is slowly wising up to the demands of tourists with a growing selection of photography stores. However, visitors with specialist needs are best advised to stock up on memory cards, accessories and other such equipment when transiting through KL, Singapore or Bangkok.

Visitors should be particularly careful not to offend cultural etiquette when taking pictures in Vietnam, and to dress conservatively to avoid causing unnecessary offence. The Vietnamese can be quite stand-offish is certain situations so it is wise to ask before including local people in your holiday pictures of Vietnam.

Vietnam pictures will make a permanent reminder of your visit to Southeast Asia and there is a never-ending list of interesting things here to capture on film. There are striking Vietnam pictures to be found in every section of the country so remember to take your camera with you everywhere.

Safety can be a concern with occasional petty crime against tourists, including pickpocketing and theft of valuables from public transport. Try not to be ostentatious with your expensive photographic kit, and avoid poorly lit back alleyways where criminals may lurk. But in general, Vietnam is just as safe as anywhere in the West for those that take basic precautions.

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