Da Nang Travel And Tourist Guide

After Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Da Nang is Vietnam’s third-largest metropolis. It is situated more or less equidistant from both cities, in the centre of the curving coastline, and is also the country’s busiest port. You might expect a city of nearly a million souls to have plenty of interest for tourists, but unfortunately at present this is not the case.

While the city throws up little in terms of historic buildings, the one must-see attraction is the Cham Museum, which displays the finest collection of Cham carvings in the world, and motivates visitors to go to the Cham ruins at My Son, located to the south of the city. Another budding attraction is the nearby beach, which developers are trying to brand as the country’s new and trendy beach resort.



Visit the Cham Museum and the Cham ruins at My Son, hang out on the beach or take day trips to the 17th parallel which split the country in two for the duration of the American War...more


Enjoy the lack of competition as you size up luxurious resorts and budget bargains both in the city centre and close to the municipal beach for sunbathing and watersports...more

Restaurants & Bars

Savour some superb Vietnamese cuisine in non-touristy restaurants which dole our classic dishes without the dumbing down of Western influences and at bargain prices...more


Fly, take the train or hire car and driver before hiring a cyclo to look around the city and surrounding countryside. Motorbikes can be rented by truly fearless adverturers...more

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Brief Guide to Da Nang - Gateway to Central Vietnam

The city rose to prominence at the beginning of the 19th century when the Thu Bon River in Hoi An began silting up and an alternative port was needed for vessels carrying heavy loads. The changing of the capital from Hanoi to Hue in 1802 also gave a strong push to the port’s development.

The French used it in 1858 as a landing point from which to launch their attempt to colonise the country. After defeating local Vietnamese forces, however, French troops then fell victim to tropical diseases and were forced to withdraw. However, they returned victorious in 1889, having established control of the country, and re-named the city Tourane.

Most people know Da Nang as an important base for American troops during the American War. Its strategic importance resulted from the fact is was the biggest and nearest city to the 17th parallel, or the border between north and south, so American troops often arrived here and launched raids into the north from here.

However these days there is little of interest in the city itself, and those tourists who do visit Da Nang are using it is a transport hub since it provides them with access to the nearby towns of Hue and Hoi An.

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