Vietnamese Culture

Despite strong influences down the centuries from neighbouring countries such as China and Cambodia, Vietnam has a distinctive culture. Just taste the aromatic cuisine, listen to the lilting language, observe the quaint customs or attend a local festival and you’ll realise you’re somewhere special. Welcome to the land of water puppet theatre, cyclos and conical hats – Welcome to Vietnam!

A country’s culture is essentially expressed through its arts, and in this respect Vietnam has an extremely rich heritage. Just visit the Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi or Saigon to see inspired works by both established masters and contemporary hopefuls. Attend a concert of traditional music to hear a uniquely Vietnamese sound, or watch a performance of traditional dance, in which the movements are precise and graceful.


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Art & Literature

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Music & Dance

Watch a performance of classical dance accompanied by some uniquely Vietnamese instruments which tell ancient fables of kings and emperors from many centuries past...more


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Vietnamese Cuture - Where Socialism Meets Tradition

To get to grips with what this country is all about demands an investment of time to uncover its history, which has been well documented for over 2000 years. The best place to do this is in the country’s many museums, especially the History Museums in both Saigon and Hanoi.

Inevitably there’s an emphasis on the incursions by France and the USA and the resulting Vietnamese victories, though groups like the Cham, now largely assimilated, have woven their own threads into the fabric of Vietnamese culture.

Once you’ve got a sense of the country’s turbulent past, it’s time to join its turbulent present. Chances are you’ll stumble on a local festival while travelling round, and the ensuing scenes will likely use up all your camera’s memory. Most of these festivals have their roots deep in the past and play a big part in bonding communities.

Fortunately you won’t be able to avoid Vietnamese food, which speaks volumes about this country’s powers of invention. The abundance of tropical produce grown in this land is all used to best effect, in particular the subtle herbs that flavour dishes which are already very tasty.

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